Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dear Day's Inn,

When you prominently advertise your Bar Harbor hotel online as having "free wi-fi", you should not be shocked when people make reservations assuming that said free wi-fi will be IN THEIR HOTEL ROOMS. Not just in the teeny-tiny, hot, humid lobby with no couch to sit on. Your Lithuanian desk clerk seemed very nice, but not so much so that I felt the need to hang with him just to use my computer. Seriously, people. It's 2008. Get a clue.

Also, if you don't want us calling you at 10:00 pm for toilet paper, stock more than one partial roll per room.

You're welcome!


parnola said...

I ran into this same thing at a crappy Radison Inn in upstate NY. The days of wifi in the lobby are long gone. Also, give me more than 1 bar in my room (I'm talking to you, Embassy Suites in San Diego).

I've had the best luck with Hampton Inn - always super strong signal.

jenn said...

Good to know. I was beyond pissed.

The Marriott in Portland also had a great in-room signal.

Nana said...

AND Hampton Inn has a very nice breakfast.