Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beaching It

It was cool and breezy at Popham Beach yesterday, which didn't faze the kids one whit when it came to jumping right into the surf. "It's warm!" Bear called out to me from neck-deep water, which I correctly interpreted as "over 40 degrees." I stuck to wading.

We went with my friend Jen (yep, another one) and her two kids C. and M., who are the same age as my two. They've known each other since Bear and M. were in first grade together.
Bear tried out C.'s skim board. Her technique involved chucking the board into the water and flinging herself after it. About 12% of the time, this actually worked. The rest of the time, it provided outstanding entertainment for those of us watching.
I took the little digital camera instead of My Precious (Canon Eos xti) this time, since I knew I'd be playing the role of pack mule for this expedition. I can usually count on the girls to carry their own beach toys and the bag of towels, but that still leaves the food bag (with enough food to feed Uganda for a week - I have issues), cooler, picnic blanket, and a bag of miscellaneous necessities.
My point being that if you think that the photos are slightly more craptastic than normal, why yes, yes they are. And thank you for noticing.

Bug worked diligently on a sand castle, while C. and his cousins (not pictured, but just to the left of Bug) dug a hole to China. I mean to tell you, these kids can DIG. The littlest cousin, J., actually looked up from the bottom of the hole he was working on and realized that he couldn't get out.
Bear and her friend M. had a great time together. They're at that age where they're all sophisticated and teenagery one minute and the next they're rolling in the sand giggling like preschoolers.
Summer's winding down around here, but we've decided to squeeze in one last beach day tomorrow when Daddy Shortbread has the day off. I'm determined to eke all we can out of this week of good weather after all of the rain we've seen this summer.
School starts one week from today. (Not that I'm counting or anything).


Nana said...

The kids look like they're having a great time! They'll enjoy tomorrow at the beach, too, with Daddy Shortbread along.

The girls will remember most of these family activities for the rest of their lives. I'm so proud of you for making family time a priority. It won't be much longer, unfortunately, when Bear won't be caught dead being seen on the same beach with you and DS! :)

#1quiltinggrandma said...

You just have to keep rubbing it in posting those pictures of that beautiful sunshine, ocean and sand. Gees, we sure missed that this trip. Next trip that is what I want to do! Great pictures and what fun the kids are having. Enjoy;-)

Out to dinner this evening at my dear friend Rita's house. I am going to give a copy of the muffin and soda bread recipe.