Saturday, August 9, 2008

Obviously a Hallucination

There's this weird kind of of goldenish light outside today and strange blotchy dark shapes on the grass near the trees. It all seems vaguely familiar, like maybe I've seen this once long, long ago. What's that you say? Sun? Shadows? Ah, yes. After the week of downpours, mist, and nonstop gray suckiness, this is like George Clooney showing up at my door with a wrapped Tiffany's box.

Anyway, I was kicking butt going through the kids' closets this morning while simultaneously doing laundry and cleaning up cat barf when this meteorological miracle occurred, so I dropped everything to boot the kids out the door. Fresh air! Exercise! They were back inside in three minutes asking to swim, so I had to abandon my productive pursuits and take up my lifeguard post on the porch. Since the front yard has been rezoned as a wetlands environment (think standing pools of water, frogs and worms galore), mowing and weeding are out.

And yet, as I watch them cavort in the pool like crack-addicted porpoises, screaming things like, "Let's make a Whirlpool of Death for the Bratz dolls!", I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

I am so happy you finally have SUNSHINE! We have sunshine today for the first time since we arrived home. Last night we got more rain, which was very pleasant. More rain predicted throughout the weekend.
There is a craft show on the courthouse plaza this weekend but I noticed while driving by on my way to the store that the attendance is really low. Could be the gas prices :-(

Nana said...

Send some of that rain to the Dayton area. It's too dry here!

Bear and Bug sure have enjoyed that pool, haven't they? And how convenient to have it in your yard rather than have to take them to the community pool all summer long.