Thursday, August 28, 2008


Bug got home first this afternoon, pleased as punch with her new teacher, whom she describes as "awesome." She was pretty impressed by the Hershey's Hug and Kiss the teacher gave each of them. Candy! On the first day!

We chatted for awhile about what kids are in her class, etc., when Bug suddenly said darkly, "There's one thing I bet will happen again this year." She sighed, "Every year the boys don't ... you know, aim so well? in the bathroom? ... and the janitor has to come in and talk to them and explain how to do it. The girls have to wait in the hall, and it's boring." This is her biggest concern about third grade, so I'm thinking it will be a pretty good year.

Bear arrived home about a half hour later, happy and relieved to be through her first day. She rates her day a 9/10, subtracting one point for when she forgot her schedule in her locker and had to go back to get it.

She is excited by all her teachers except her English teacher, whom she describes as "a little too sweet and happy." (Is this my kid, or what? I'll take sarcasm over sunniness any day.)

Her schedule of classes is:

Homeroom (10 minutes)
Per. 1 - Math
Per. 2 - Social Studies
Per. 3 - Reading (literature portion of English requirement)
Per. 4 - Gym (1st quarter only, then Music Appreciation, French, and Technology for a quarter each).
Per. 5 - Excel Science (accelerated, reading-intensive science class)
Per. 6 - Math Lab (all 6th graders have a math lab, where they do their math homework under the guidance of a math resource teacher)
Per. 7 - Study Hall (2 days per week) alternated with Band (3 days per week)
Per. 8 - English (spelling, grammar, and composition portion of English requirement)

Starting Monday, all sixth graders will be assigned BRAND NEW MACBOOKS, which they'll take to all classes and be able to bring home later in the year. I just want to point out that when I was in sixth grade, I got to work on an Apple IIC once a week for thirty minutes. Most of Bear's textbooks will be loaded onto her laptop, so she won't even need to bring her books home.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a veritable mountain of paperwork to fill out that has to be returned to their teachers tomorrow pledging that we live in Winslow, will follow school rules, are OK with the kids going on field trips, are OK with the kids being videotaped for assesments, will encourage our kids to follow bus rules, are not migrant workers, do not need reduced price lunch, and will pay to replace the laptop if Bear trashes it. This may call for a glass of wine. Or a bottle and a straw.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

Thank you for this detailed message of the girls first day at school. We was truly a joy to read!

Nana said...

They're both off to a great start this school year! It wasn't all that long ago that Bug was teary in the mornings. Aren't you glad those days are history? I never went through that with you, but I did with Uncle Awesome. I think those days were even harder on me than on him! Amazing what we can and do survive while raising children, isn't it?