Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fall Fashion Preview

Here are Bug and Bear modelling some of their favorite new school clothes for you. They are both totally jazzed about school starting, anxious to see their friends and check out their new teachers.
Bear has her entire first week of outfits planned. She told me that she read in a magazine to save your coolest new outfit for the fourth day of school. By than everyone else will have already debuted their best outfits and you will be the spotlight fashionista. Apparently getting dressed for school now requires a strategy.
Bug and Bear each got one of these gray, baby-doll style hoodies. Bug is modelling it AND the disc swing from her new swingset:
Bear insisted on bare feet for this photo because "this outfit is such a casual look." I pointed out that she will still have to wear shoes with it to school. "Well, duh." was her response.
Bug is pretty freaking attached to this hat. We even had to ask the cashier at Target to clip the tags off so she could wear it out of the store.
I'm pretty thrilled that I got Bear to branch out a little from her standard t-shirt, hoodie, and jeans. I literally had to force her to try on some more stylish tops. She loved them. Ha.
Bug is angry at me in this next photo. She wanted to wear a spaghetti strap tank only here despite the fact that I had bought it just to wear UNDER the sweater. Kindly disregard her expression and look at the outfit. Little bugger.
This shirt/sweater combo was Bear's favorite purchase from our school shopping trip:
I couldn't resist this shirt for Bug despite the inadvisability of doing what it says:
Can't you just see the teenager peeking through in this one? She wanted a "not smiling" photo. Here she is, angst and all:

Bug and Bear would like your opinion: Which of their new outfits do you like best? (Pick one per kid). They are awaiting your feedback.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

Our votes are as follows:

Bear picture #4 is hot!
Bug picture of Gimme Some Sugar T-shirt but add the hat is the hottest.

Bear's favorite outfit by far.
Bug's picture with the funky hat. Really foxy.

Nana said...

Well, gosh, this is a tough one. Let me begin by saying that I like ALL of the outfits, but if I have to pick a favorite for each girl, it would be the cropped sweater oufit for Bear, and the outfit with the hat for Bug. Great choices of new school clothes, girls!

parnola said...

These are great pics Jen! I'll have to lend you a couple books I have on portraits and lightening techniques for modeling.