Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Lagoon & Even More Beach Pix

This is the saltwater lagoon at Reid State Park. It's popular with the kids because the water is calm, deep enough to swim in, and has a sand beach. It's less popular with the parents because it tends to be somewhat, ah, stenchy at low tide and has a plethora of mosquitoes, all of whom immediately hone in on me (The Original Mosquito Magnet, as Daddy Shortbread calls me). We put up with it for forty-five minutes or so while the kids swim and dig canals in the sand, then we haul our gear back to the beach side where the ocean breezes keep the bloodsuckers away.

Daddy Shortbread was pretty happy to be doing this on a Friday afternoon instead of working:

Buggy, after the requisite jumping over waves and shrieking, likes to lay on her tummy on the picnic cloth and doze.
Do you all appreciate that this water is positively GLACIAL and Bear here (she of zero body fat) just lays around in it for kicks? Anyone else see anything odd about that? Or just me?
We stayed until 6:00 pm, when there were only three or four other families left on the beach. The late afternoon sun on the sand and water is absolutely beautiful. I could have lingered much longer, but the newest Cheetah Girls movie was premiering on TV that night, and Bug and Bear were about to come un-fricking-glued if we didn't start heading for home. You know, it's not like it's going to be shown on the Disney Channel eight gazillion more times over the next few weeks or anything. And just so you can appreciate what truly wretched parents Daddy Shortbread and I are, look - we make the kids carry their own sand toys back to the car! Awful, aren't we?

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