Sunday, August 17, 2008

T-11 Days and Counting

We've hit the final countdown until the first day of school, so we're going to try to cram as much fun as we can into this last week and a half. The weather looks great (unless I just jinxed it), so the girls and I are planning to fit in at least one beach day, one lake day, and maybe even Aquaboggan.

I'll try to update pretty frequently to show you what we're up to. This has been a fairly lame week for posts due to weather, etc. We've done a lot of reading, but that doesn't translate very well into photographs or amusing anecdotes. I also mowed the grass, but I'm thinking you probably don't want to see pictures of that either. I certainly don't.

Bug and Bear used the last of their Christmas Barnes & Noble gift cards this week (we stretched them over 9 months by just getting a book or two at a time), and Bug picked up the next book in a series she's been enjoying. She read the entire 340 page book in 24 hours!! Devoured it like a locust. Not bad for eight-years-old, eh?

(Footnote: For those of you already asking for Christmas ideas, Barnes & Noble gift cards are always a great idea for Bug and Bear. They LOVE going there and picking out books.)


Nana said...

I just learned today that school starts here this Wednesday. That's early! So, all the kids on our street are outside today playing and soaking in the sun for their last few days of fun for a while. They're all in our driveway at the moment. For some reason, they love riding their bikes and scooters down our driveway. I can't see that ours has any more slope to it than most of the others, but they must know something about it that I don't.

I remember Aquaboggan. What a blast! (even though my glasses fell off on the slide and I came off the "ride" dizzy as heck)

I hope your weather will permit all the outdoor activities you have planned. You sure don't need any more rain! We do, however.

Bug is something else with her reading. Like mother, like daughter. Same for Bear.

Actually, I WOULD like to see a picture of you cutting the grass. Please post one soon for my enjoyment.

#1quiltinggrandma said...

I have no idea what Aquaboggan is, but have fun.

Victoria just dropped by to give us our invite to their semi=annual Luau on the 6th. Time to pull out my Hawaiian dress. She said she is enjoying her second year at Junior High. I told her Bear is really excited, but has not yet started. Victoria could not believe it because they have already been at school two weeks.

Heard in the new that Winot, ME got so much rain today that the highway was washed out. Residents are stuck :-( We have no idea where Winot is located so we will look in our map to see where it is located.