Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Bro!

Although it kind of freaks me out that you're turning 33 because I automatically add 4 to that to get my age, and ohhhh.... crap, I'm old.

I have great memories of our shared childhood. Playing "Matthew", shared bike rides, roller skating in the carport to (God help us) the Footloose soundtrack and Debarge, endless Monopoly games (I might have occasionally cheated when you went to the bathroom - sorry), playing wall-ball against the neighbor's carport wall, taking you along on my first ever solo drive (as I recall we went to Osco Drugstore), and sneaking into each other's rooms Christmas morning to wait until we were allowed to wake up Mom and Dad.

You've turned out to be a pretty stellar grown-up, too. Hearing friends bitch about their siblings, I count myself lucky that mine is someone I stil love to spend time with, has an equally warped sense of humor, and who is a great uncle to my kids. I like to think that your current outstanding taste in clothing was somehow influenced by my dressing you up in doll clothes when you were a toddler.

You've been a nearly perfect younger sibling. I say "nearly" because your jaw creaked when you yawned, and that drove me INSANE on long car trips. I was convinced you did it just to mess with me. I still wonder.



parnola said...

Thank you Jenny! I have to agree with you about being nearly perfect ... I'm sure Mom & Dad and Nikki have nothing but glowing things to say about me as well :)

Adding to the soundtracks for our roller skating, I also recall Duran Duran's Seven and the Ragged Tiger and also Ghostbusters. I do believe Footloose got the most airplay, though.

I blame the dressing me up in doll clothes for my lack of social skills in high school. You are forgiven, however, as Norman pointed out to me once: there is no sweeter revenge than driving by the jerk that made fun of you in high school in a brand new BMW while he tries to get is 1973 Pinto started.


jenn said...

Jeez, I'd blessedly forgotten about Ghostbusters.

As I've mentioned to Bear about the "popular" kids in jr. high and high school: they are peaking NOW. The rest of their lives can never match their teenaged glory years. Is that really what you want? (Of course, at 14 you think it is...)

Nana said...

She DID cheat at Battleship. I think it's time for you to get revenge, son.

Nikki, can you think of anything glowing to say about Pat? I'm still thinking but am not able to come up with anything yet. Still thinking...

It's hard to believe my kids are in their 30s. I remember that age well, and it sure doesn't feel like it was 30 years ago for me. Well, okay, some days it does feel like, but not most days.

I still look at the clock at 12:04pm on Aug. 6th, remembering that was the exact time Patrick was born. Jenny, I often miss your birth moment since I try to be asleep at 3:14am!!