Monday, August 25, 2008

Dante Got It Wrong

...because shoe shopping with Bug is actually the third circle of hell. We've been to four different shoe departments in the past two weeks. She has tried on at least thirty pairs of shoes, in sizes ranging from 3.5 kids to 5.5 womens. NONE of them fit. Among her reasons for rejecting shoes:

1. too squeezy
2. my heel slips out
3. too tight in the toes
4. the heel isn't made right for my foot
5. a weird bump in it
6. too squeezy, yet too big
7. not right, but I can't tell you why
8. can't get my heel in
9. WHOA - slips right off
10. so. tight. can't. breathe.


Nana said...

Maybe her feet got too used to Crocs??

#1quiltinggrandma said...

Good point Nana! Did you hear in a news segment by Savvy that some schools are banning Crocs because of concerns of injuries?

Have you tried Skechers? If you find some that fit, let me know the price and I will chip in :-) I still love mine and plan on buying some for winter. Plus there a lot of cute styles.

Nana said...

Have you tried bedroom slippers? :) If I remember correctly, Kate doesn't like ANY clothing or shoes that fit tight to her body. Uncle Awesome was the same way for a while. I call it "Sensitive Skin Syndrome." Fortunately, Uncle Awe eventually grew out of/overcame it.

I keep forgetting to say that I really like the new picture of Mittens that you posted. Cute!!