Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Late Summer in Maine

Here are some shots I took yesterday while hiking with the kids. The landscape is showing signs of imminent fall: drying grass, goldenrod, tiny apples dangling from branches, and ripe chokecherries and blackberries on the bushes. While I hate to say goodbye to summer just yet (because this summer? COMPLETE RIPOFF), autumn is my favorite season here. I just wish it lasted for three months instead of six weeks.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

This is the type of weather we are use to having during our visits. Where were these beautiful scenes two weeks ago:-(

Our rain has now taken a vacation and the heat is back, but Fall is definitely in the air early in the morning and evenings.


Nana said...

It's already showing signs of fall here, too, and it's only August! Today was hotter than it's been lately, but to see leaves on the trees already turning yellow...very strange. I love fall, too, and hope it lasts a long, long time this year. I agree that fall in New England is absolutely the best season.