Monday, July 28, 2008

Quilt Show With Grandma

Grandma, the girls, and I spent most of Saturday visiting a quilt show. There was an impressive array of talent displayed there, some to my taste and others not.
This quilt was amazing. It was done as a replica of an old painting, and the level of detail was awesome. Tiny crystal beads served as dewdrops on the ribbon leaves of the plants and gossamer silver thread spiderwebs. The baby's quilt was an entire miniature quilt, sewed in folds onto the cradle.

Here's a closer look at one of the small details, a mouse located on the branch at the bottom left of the quilt. Isn't he incredible?
And leading the contenders for the So Not My Taste Award is this wall-hanging made out of... trash. Yup, look closely. The bird is a Wal-Mart bag, the "border" is pop-tops from soda cans, and everything else is salvaged pieces of paper and plastic. While I do award the quilter points for ingenuity and vision, I just can't imagine what you do with a piece like this after exhibiting it. Is this really something you want hanging on your wall? And you can't exactly give it to someone and say, "I made this and thought of you!"
Definitely more to my taste is this Hawaiian quilt:

Grandma had so much fun sharing her hobby with Bear and Bug!


Nana said...

So, I assume you bought the Hawaiian quilt for me and will be giving it to me for either my birthday or Christmas, right? I love the quilt with the baby - very unique, and the detail in it is incredible.

Nana said...

I meant to add that I'll pass on having a trash quilt. I don't think I'll ever regret that decision, but I'm sure the other members of our family will be thrilled to get one for Christmas.

jenn said...

Gee, and I already started making you one out of Mounds bar wrappers and smashed Starbucks cups. Dang.

Nana said...

It was thoughtful of you to personalize it to such an extent, but I'll still pass! Thanks anyway.

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