Friday, July 11, 2008

Did You Hear That Giant Sucking Sound?

Yeah, that would be my week. It was a bit topsy-turvy here at Casa Jenn this week. Our past week has featured....

1. Infected tooth needing root canal! (yours truly the Dental Wonder, of course)

2. Heinous heat and humidity!

3. Cranky children! (see above)

4. Infected bug bite! (also moi)

6. Cranky Jenn! (see above)

7. Carpenter ants!

6. Cranky Daddy Shortbread! (see above)

Several vats of penicillin, insecticide, and full nights of sleep for the offspring later, we are en route to normal. Tomorrow we're taking a family trip to the beach as Tonic for a Sucky Week. There's nothing like breathing ocean air and sinking your toes in the sand to restore your inner calm. Also, Bug would like to catch a hermit crab.

I have several significantly more fun and less whiny posts under construction. At least one should be up later today, providing the Universe has run out of practical jokes for the week.


parnola said...

At least the cats had a decent week?

jenn said...

Well, one of them threw up...

#1quiltinggrandma said...

Yes, I heard that giant sucking sound this week. Starting Monday morning I woke up with congestion and a sore throat. Very unusual for me. I felt like H--- all week. Thank God for Sudafed, Expectorant and Advil to help one get through whatever ails you. This morning I felt so much better that I felt like baking some lemon squares for tonight.

Who got the infected bug bite?

jenn said...

That would be me, of course, The Infection Queen.

Nana said...

All I can say is, "I'm staying away from you guys!!" Thank goodness we visited early in the summer before you went on your infection spree.

Grandma, you're smart to be staying at the cottage during your visit. The less time you spend at you-know-whose house will lessen your chances of becoming sick or injured. :) Hopefully the Infection Queen will be back to good health by the time you arrive. She'll do anything for attention, won't she?? :)

jenn said...