Friday, July 4, 2008

Farm Camp, Day Four

Here is Bingo, the newest baby bull on the farm. He's still figuring things out, like how to run and how to moo. He had the mooing down pretty well by the end of his first day of life.
Other things he's taking a little longer to catch on to. Like the fact that he can't get milk from the other calves in his pen. This little Jersey looks pretty long-suffering on that point, doesn't she? Bingo just charges right over to butt his head up against them, hunting for something to suckle. No luck so far, but he's not giving up easily.

And the girls? By the end of Day Four, they are WHUPPED. 8:30 to 4:00 all week is taking its toll on my delicate little city flowers. These were the faces that greeted me when I arrived to pick them up. Bug didn't even have the energy to talk her usual blue streak on the way home. A long hot shower, a big spaghetti dinner, and these two were in bed fast asleep a solid hour before their usual bedtime.


Nana said...

Yep. Both girls look like they put in a hard day's work at Farm Camp on Thursday! I'll bet they'll be sorry to see it end today, though.

#1quiltinggrandma said...

Nothing like hard work and they didn't even get up at 4:00 a.m. like the farmers do. Have they said anymore about when they want to start up their own farm :-)

Nana, did you notice the changed message above the comment box. Is this blog getting to be to much for its creator? She is starting to sound like Clint Eastwood. Scary :-) Is this a sign that we won't be getting our Christmas presents by years end?

Nana said...

Not to worry, Grandma. She's probably just feeling testy that some people NEVER leave a comment. You and I are still in the clear for heaps of Christmas gifts. My guess is that Jenny is waiting for our lengthy list of suggestions, so we should probably get started on that soon. The #1 thing on my list is going to be a blue sports car convertible. It's something I've never had, and it sounds like a fun way to zip around Centerville, OH, don't you think?

Consider your day made, Jenny. I did my part.