Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Prepare to Be Amazed

After weeding the flowerbeds in 200% humidity this weekend, I decided to join the girls in the pool. BIG MISTAKE. No leisurely floating for me. Parent in the pool = human jungle gym.

I decided to turn things to my advantage and train the little buggers. We practiced aquatic circus tricks for Daddy Shortbread's amusement.

The human totem pole:

Feats of strength:
And our grand finale, where they each balance on one of my legs. Bug was so impressed with our mastery of this particular trick that she had to sketch a picture of it in her summer journal. The best part is that right after Daddy Shortbread snapped a picture, I got to dump them both off into the water. They liked that part as much as the trick.

Pool tricks can be fun, if they don't kill you first.

I hope you've been doing your strength training, Grandma and Grandpa. When you get here later this week, Bug and Bear are all yours!

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#1quiltinggrandma said...

Looking at these pictures, all I can think of, "Jenn's back." Ouch! Easter Williams I am NOT! However, great way to cool off.