Friday, July 11, 2008

From Barnyard to Barre

In contrast to their week at Farm Camp spent romping in the hayloft, collecting newly-laid eggs, and grooming calves, this week Bear and Bug have been at Dance Camp. The same children who tromped out the door a week ago in their oldest, grubbiest clothes with knee-high rubber boots have suddenly transformed into leotard-clad ballerinas.

Bummer for them, though, that this has been our hottest week so far this summer. The studio felt like a giant commercial oven set to "broil." I cannot fathom how the kids were able to dance in that heat. Chalk it up to youthful resilience and a dance bag well-stocked with water bottles. Evenings were spent blissfully floating in the pool.

Last night the parents were invited to the studio to watch the routines the kids had worked on all week. This involved sitting for three and a half hours on a metal folding chair in a rather warm studio. (Blessedly, the worst of the humidity had broken that morning). You really have no idea the things you will do in the name of love when they hand you that swaddled bundle of joy in the hospital. Let's just say that I had lost all feeling in my butt by the time I stood to leave the studio, was queasy with hunger, and I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

This was Bug's first taste of jazz choreography, and she ate it up. As her daddy noted, the kid can really SELL a routine. It's slightly worrying, though, how naturally some of those funk moves come to her. While some girls look somewhat stiff and self-conscious as they're learning the looser jazz moves, Bug was a hip-hopping, leaping, wiggling blur.

Bear was most proud of the fact that she has graduated to HIGH-HEELED tap shoes. After watching her dance in them, I'm thinking her blog name should really be "Legs". Her legs are nearly as long as some of the other girls were tall. Despite being one of the youngest girls in her group and dancing for the first time in heels, she blended right in with the more experienced dancers.

Next week: NO CAMP! It's time for a week of true summer...sleeping in, no schedules, spontaneous day trips, and bumming around. Can't wait!


#1quiltinggrandma said...

Are you sure those are the same girls of last week? They look beautiful in their element. I love how their summers and lives are kept busy and filled with wonderful experiences. I see to many kids out here who are bored to death with their summers and their school experiences. I know it is hard, but you bet it is worth every minute you are involved with them. Have fun at the shore. I can hardly wait to inhale that ocean air too :-)

Nana said...

Yep, those little cowhands of yours sure made a drastic change in one-weekend's time into graceful ballerinas. It's great that they both like dancing so much. Good exercise and a skill they'll never regret having!

Bear certainly is all legs. You were, too, as a kid - it was tough finding pants long enough for you.

I can't wait to see Bug's jazz routine. That would be right up her alley with no lack of expression, I'm sure. :)