Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Farm Camp, Day Two....Farm Babies

This time of year the farm is full of babies. When I arrived to pick the girls up from camp, they had moved all the newest calves out to a pen in the yard. This little guy by Bug is only three days old! His name is Miracle because he was born with his hooves curled under. When he tries to walk, it looks like he's on tippy-toe, but as the tendons along the backs of his legs gradually stretch, he'll be able to walk normally.

I'd like you to meet Bear, the human calf pacifier. They ADORE sucking on her fingers. (Can you say "hand sanitizer"?) These two had just sucked down a bottle of milk each, but they were looking around for more.
If she pulled her hand out, they scampered around the pen trying to get their pacifier back. One of the little dickens even started suckling her t-shirt when she wasn't fast enough with the hand.
Here's the other kind of baby I got to meet. There's a fat mama hen with five of these little puffballs. She obsessively counts them and tries to herd them all together to sit on them, which doesn't work out very well with the chicks all peeping and darting around the pen. Aren't they sweet?


Nana said...

Poor Miracle. It must break the kids' hearts to see him try to walk. But, it's good to know that eventually he'll be able to.

The girls look like they're really enjoying themselves. I'm sure they have to strip and head straight for a long, hot shower when they get home each questions asked, right?

What a wonderful experience Farm Camp is for the girls!

#1quiltinggrandma said...

The girls look really happy :-) I love their hair pulled back on a braid. It is very becoming. Wish they would wear it like that more often. Animals are as cute as new born babies. Wish I could have had an experience like they are enjoying. Soooooooooo, lucky.