Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Sister-in-Law is Way Cool

Why, you ask?

Well, today I came home to find a box on my front porch. Things were already looking promising.

Inside the box, under layers of tissue in a cute little DLM box and artfully wrapped in individual cellophane bags, were these:

But wait. There's more. She sent them to me not only because she's a sweetie, but she also wants my opinion on them. I dearly love to be asked my opinion, especially about food. Plus! This pretty much requires me to sample quite a few cookies, so I can give her a really good opinion. I mean, the first cookie and even the second might be delightful, but something could have gone horribly wrong with, say, the fifth cookie. I have to be really scientific about this. I feel like I owe her that much.


P.S.: I convinced the girls that even though they each got a cookie after school that I had to take a bite out of each of theirs. Really.


parnola said...

Nikki is getting way too much credit - I believe I'm the one that suggested sending them to you for your opinion!

Nicole said...

Actually, you are full of hooey! I believe I suggested and then you said "I was going to suggest the same thing!"

Nana said...

I'm feeling left out. Why wasn't my opinion of the cookies asked? Okay, so it might be unreasonable to ship a box of cookies from Springboro to Centerville, but still, I could have given my two cents' worth on the taste and texture of the cookies HAD I BEEN ASKED. Is Jenny's the only opinion that matters? Who made her the National Cookie Taster and Evaluator?? As Nicole's mother-in-law, I think my opinion, especially where food is concerned, should carry much more weight than that of her sister-in-law.