Monday, May 19, 2008

House Arrest

I took this picture of Bear outside last week just before her seasonal allergies spiraled into the realm of Totally Batshit Crazy. Trust me. There are no other words.

The poor kid has been kept indoors with all doors and windows closed since last Wednesday. Even allowing her to play outside for half an hour with an immediate shower upon coming back inside results in hours and hours of painfully itchy and swollen eyes, stuffy nose, and bloody noses. Poor kid.

Yes, we have her on maximum allergy meds, eyedrops, and nasal spray.

Yes, we have a call in to her allergist. I'm guessing that the next line of defense is going to be allergy shots to get her through the weeks of tree pollination. I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that she will be NOT HAPPY about this.

So send happy, non-itchy thoughts her way and pray for the trees to GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY.

***UPDATED TO ADD: I just talked to the nurse practitioner at the allergist's. They want her to try some new allergy nasal spray that's supposedly great for people who also suffer from nosebleeds. I'm skeptical but will try about anything short of sealing her in a bubble (and sometimes even that sounds like a reasonable option).


Nana said...

I wouldn't want to go with allergy shots either. I've heard they're painful. :( My fingers are crossed that the new nasal spray will work for Bear. That's a very cute picture of her!

parnola said...

The bubble could be fun ... though I fear she'd develop an unusual obsession with Trivia Pursuit.