Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jr. High Girl

Here are the clubs Bear wants to join in jr. high:

Student Council
Drama Club
Rocket Club (in which the kids spend the school year putting together model rockets and then launch them at the end of the year)

No big surprises there, except maybe the Rocket Club, which I do think she would really enjoy. I've heard the science teacher is wonderful, and I'm assuming he sponsors that one.

Notice the complete and total lack of any sports. Shocker, huh?

She is totally WIRED for junior high. Can’t wait to get there. Totally jazzed by the thought of:

-vending machines
-changing classes
-after-school clubs
-dances (damn it)
-did I mention the lockers? She really, reeeeeally wants a locker. A lot. (Anyone care to lay odds on how long it takes her to forget/misplace the combination?)
-using pens instead of pencils in class

Miraculously, the things that terrified me about jr. high don't seem to faze her:
-changing clothes for PE (what if I sweat??)
-showering IN FRONT of people after PE (no explanation necessary)
-detention (no, I never had to go, but the thought of it horrified me)

I can't believe she's almost done with elementary school. What just happened??


#1quiltinggrandma said...

Well, I do not have any Junior High experience, but I can understand Bear's excitement to move on to bigger things and new ways of thinking. Jenn, as you know Gemini's get started on one project and before we are even half through the first project we are ready to start a new one, so school sometimes slows one down to boredom. Hooray for Bear's excitement. I will be looking forward to future blogs when she gets started with this new adventure. WOW, TIME IS MARCHING BY TOO FAST. PLEASE SLOW IT DOWN!

Nana said...

What an exciting time for Bear! I remember feeling very grown up when I left elementary school and started junior high. That was fine for me to grow up, but it isn't fine for Bear to grow up already. You and Daddy Shortbread are disappointing us grandparents by allowing our grandbabies to grow out of babyhood and childhood so quickly. :( Next thing we know, you'll be telling us Bear is in high school and Bug is in junior high. Don't even think about it!!