Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here's Hoping...

The latest in the saga of Bear's allergies is that she's been put on Allegra. A pill. That you swallow.

As the person that has to accompany Bear to the doctor when she needs a throat culture, I am here to attest that the phrase "hair trigger" does not begin to describe this child's gag reflex.

However, when presented with the option of swallowing a pill (it's about the size of a baby aspirin) or having weekly allergy shots, damned if the kid didn't gulp it down. We practiced with little candies first. It took three before she tried the pill. The look on her face was priceless when she realized the pill had gone down. Wonder. Shock. Relief.

Now let's hope the little buggers work.


Nana said...

Hooray for Bear! One more hurdle jumped over. Fingers are crossed that the Allegra will help her.

parnola said...

Dr. Heyd put me on Allegra last August when I had terrible allergies. It did great for me! (Bear should have held out for more practice sessions with candy, if she'd been smarter)

#1quiltinggrandma said...

Hooray :-) I can truly identify with Bear's experience with swallowing pills.
Now, I know you will find the following hard to believe but in my family we were not raised with pills. Our medicines consisted of various potions made from flowers, roots and God knows what else and chants from a medicine man. Now with that said, it wasn't until I was already married and pregnant that I learned how to swallow my first pill. When we learned I was pregnant my doctor gave me a bottle of vitamins the size of torpedoes. I too practiced swallowing those pills and it came as a big surprise when it went down my throat after drinking a whole big glass of water:-) Now you give me any size pill and you bet I can swallow it without a problem. So tell bear how proud I am with her success :-)
Sure hope the Allegra works.