Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hormonal With a Side of Crabby Condescension

Look at this face:Sweet, right? HA. Looks can be deceiving, folks. We have officially entered the years of Hormone-Induced Nastiness.

Typical conversation around here:

Me: Bear, could you go pick up the three days' worth of dirty clothes off your floor?

Bear: (silence)

Me: Bear, did you hear me?


Me: Bear?

Bear: FINE!!

Or this conversation...

Bug: Bear, could you pass the cereal box to me?

Bear: (silence)

Bug: Bear-

Bear: I HEAR YOU. Geez, Bug, get off my back.

Bug (confused, but always game for an argument): I'm not on your back! I'm not even touching you!

Bear (with withering stare): It's a FIGURE of SPEECH, Bug.

P.S. - Mom, I can totally hear you laughing all the way out here.


Nana said...

Welcome to "payback time", Jenn. You were the queen of Hormonal Crabiness. Plenty of examples available upon request. :)

jenn said...

Wow, I'm touched by your use of the past tense. I'm not sure Tom will agree...