Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just Because It's Pretty & Today's Not

This past weekend in my garden:

Today we're getting anywhere from 1 - 4 inches of rain. There are flood warnings galore, I daresay for every river in Maine. Things have been greening up nicely around here, but this storm is going to open mowing season with a flourish. Ten minutes of sun tomorrow, and I'm confident the grass will be a foot high.

When the kids got off the bus, they tossed their schoolbags inside and slogged across the yard to examine the creek, like a mini-Army Corps of Engineers. They stood on the band for awhile in slickers and boots, gazing on the raging torrent that used to be their favorite playspot.

"Well, two of our bridges washed out," Bear informed me grimly when they came into the house. They've been working for weeks, piling "perfectly good wood" from our scrap pile across narrow stretches of the creek to form bridges, building dams from rocks to create "water bug sanctuaries", and toting buckets full of mud and stones around for God-knows-what. One thing I've learned through these years of mothering is not to ask questions if you don't want to know the answers.

Secretly, though, I think they're pleased. This means they get to start from scratch as soon as the rain lets up.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

What a bummer about the bridge, but I do not feel sorry for you all about the rain. We continue with our darn sunshine and wind :-)
Where is our share of rain?

What a beautiful picture of your daffodil. Today, I learned that I can purchase a new tart cherry tree at PV Nursery. I am a happy camper, because our old tree is looking so pitiful with blossoms only on the bottom branches and the top of the tree is dead :-( It is slowly dying. Poor thing. It has given us a lot of wonderful cherry pies for 30 years and I hate to see it come down, but its time has come.

Enjoy the rain and we will continue to enjoy the sunshine. If only the wind would go away to sea where it belongs.

parnola said...

Nice pic!

Nana said...

We're past daffodil season and in full bloom with tulips. Sure do love this time of year with all the pretty colors of spring flowers. We're getting rain right now which the flowers will appreciate. Of course, that means the lawn will need another mowing soon. Ditto on what Mr. Pickypants said about your daffodil pic!!