Monday, April 28, 2008

2008 Egg Hunt

It was a nail-biter. I'm not going to lie to you. Although we woke up to a sunny day, it quickly turned cloudy and cooler. I kept on constant refresh on my laptop, nervously watching the progress of a band of rain creeping closer and closer to us. When people arrived a littled after 10:00, the rain had already made it to Farmington. By all counts, it should have started raining just as the kids started hunting. Yet, miraculously, it held off until the the very last person left around 1:00. I have no idea what happened. I'm going with divine intervention. (Thanks, big guy!)

We had a lot of new kids this year, so it was especially fun to watch their faces as they gazed out at the 1,000+ eggs carpeting the lawn and dangling from trees. Seeing the kids case the eggs as they stand on the driveway with their empty baskets ties for my favorite part of the egg hunt with the moment when I ask the kids (29 this year) to gather around for the rules and they cluster around, totally silent, alert, and ready to get on with it.

Then I yell, "Go!" and they go completely berserk. Hee hee.

Bug was an egg-collecting machine this year.

After all the eggs are collected, the kids plunk down in the driveway to open their eggs. Some eggs have candy, some have "Bunny Money." They're trying to hurry and find all their Bunny Money, so they can head into the garage to the Bunny Store.

The Bunny Store is always loud, chaotic, and crazy. The kids get to spend their Bunny Money on pencils, little toys, bubbles, gum, etc. They looooooove spending the money. And I'm sure all the parents just love me for letting their kids buy dollar store crap. Who cares? It's fun! And, yes, I am Oriental Trading Company's best customer.

So, overall another success. Only two kids fell in the creek, and I think the "falling" part was mostly invented when their parents saw how muddy they were and freaked out. I ate way too much, but as hostess I felt it only polite to sample every dish. Right? I mean, I wouldn't want to be rude, you know.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

WOW, your egg hunt is really becoming popular. This is awesome for the girls and for you so see their happy faces. Great job and great job from up above. You really lucked out.

I would not pass any dish on the table in an event like this either. The heck with counting points and calories. I can only imagine the dessert served :-) I would have take two of my favorite dessert "CHOCOLATE!"

The wind did not blow today and it feels like summer outside. Absolutely beautiful weather in the mountains today.

parnola said...

That's insane. I'm going to file an official protest with the parental units for not giving us an egg hunt like this.

And, while we're on the topic of feeling shafted, what's with all then new motorized kids toys out these days for dirt cheap? I want them.

Nana said...

Poor Pat. He was so neglected as a child. How can I ever make it up to him? He makes it sound like he never had a motorized toy or an egg hunt. Can you even imagine a worse childhood? The damage we caused him with remain with him for the rest of his life. Oh, what a burden of thoughts for a mother to have to endure!

TommyBMcC said...

Hey, where's the picture of my yellow chair at the bunny store?