Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Dance Recital Week!

It's been a jam-packed week without a lot of time to blog, but here are a few pix of what's been going on at Casa de Jenn.

Nana arrived on Tuesday. She's either incredibly game or perhaps not-so-bright to electively visit us during Dance Recital (Hell) Week. It's a week of very little sleep, lots of McDonald's, more glitter and hairspray than your average drag queen uses in a year's time, and progressively cranky kids (see: lack of sleep) as the week wears on. Still, Nana wouldn't miss it, and the girls ADORE having a captive audience member who tells them they're fabulous no matter what.

Here's a little preview of dance recital pictures taken last night at dress rehearsal. There will be more to come later in the week.


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