Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Signs of the Apocalypse

1. I served bison burgers (yep, literally, ground bison) for dinner yesterday. My kids ate them without complaint. OK, so I may not have actually disclosed the fact that they were eating bison per se, but these kids can sniff out a new ingredient, brand, or recipe substitution like cranky, furless bloodhounds. I actually managed to get one by them. This is HUGE.

2. Last night Bear came to me and said, "Mom, would it be OK if I set my alarm to wake up earlier in the morning?" I stifle the wild giggle that erupts at the thought of Bear voluntarily waking up before 6:00 am and manage to answer her sweetly, "Sure, honey, that would be fine." I wait for her to laugh and tell me she's joking, but she calmly leaves and goes into her room. I trail her suspiciously and see her re-setting her alarm.

2. This morning, Bear's alarm goes off a 5:40 am. I hear her turn it off. I doze until 6:00 am when Daddy Shortbread gets up and begins his I Am Not A Morning Person performance piece.

"Hey," I tell him, as he begins the part where he shuffles to the bathroom with his eyes closed, "Stick your head in Bear's room and tell her to start waking up." He leaves, then returns to tell me that her light is on and her door is closed.

Oooh, well-played, Bear! I think, figuring that she woke up long enough to flip on her light and shut the door, thinking that this would con us into thinking she is awake. Ha. I get up and head to her bedroom, knowing I'll find the typical morning scenario of Bear snuggled deep under her comforter, sound asleep and completely resistant to noise, light, or any attempt to rouse her.

Opening her door, I find her completely dressed and sitting on her already-made bed reading a book.

4. For the first time in weeks, none of us are currently sick.


Grandma said...

Hum! My immediate reaction, "What's up Willis?"

My second thought is if her next change in behavior is, "she wants to get to school earlier, who's the guy?"

I know from experience with Daddy Shortbread when he was the girls age, getting something past the look, smell, taste stages was a real challenge. Great job on the burgers :-) Still working on Grandpa.

smalltownmom said...

My sign will be when my 18-year-old voluntarily takes his trash out, without me having to nag first.

Jen on the Edge said...

You're right; the world is coming to an end.

Rose said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. As for the bison burgers, I tried turkey chili on my dad without telling him and he was not that thrilled. Enjoyed your blog and added you to my list!

Daddy S. said...

Next thing you know, I'll wake up cheery...No, maybe that's POST-Apocalypse...if then.