Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gearing Up For Bathing Suit Season

Because of the age of my kids and my inability to refrain from bodysurfing when confronted with nice crashy waves, it's an unavoidable fact that I will be forced to appear publicly in a bathing suit within the next three months. The early signs of spring outside my window have prodded me from yoga-panted comfort and general sloth into full-blown Panic Mode. With newfound resolve and verve, I am BACK on TRACK with exercise!

Check it out:

1. Do 30 minutes of Wii Fit Yoga.

2. Feel very proud and bendy afterward.

3. Bake chocolate cake layered with whipped cream and strawberries. Serve generous hunks for dessert. Strawberries are fruit, so this doesn't really count as dessert.

1. Do 45 minutes of abs and upper-body weights.

2. Revel in soreness of arm muscles. Fancy that I can already see some improved definition.

3. Bake double batch of chocolate chip muffins "for the children." Sample two for my evening snack along with a glass of milk. Calcium is important.

1. Take 45 minute exercise walk despite the 20 degree temperature.

2. Feel virtuous.

3. Whip up batch of homemade granola with extra coconut and pecans. Everyone knows granola is health food.

Does anyone spot a theme here??


Jen on the Edge said...

Good grief, we're on the same fitness plan! Only, on Sunday it was chocolate chunk cookies, yesterday it was apple crisp, and tonight it will be homemade bread with dinner.

Grandma said...

My weight loss program is consuming only 1200 calories per day. 600 calories consist of healthy protein, salads and stuff. The remaining 600 calories consist of selecting my dark chocolate fixes for the day. It does not matter what foods I eat all day as long as I do not exceed 1200 calories. This diet works well on my psyche just knowing I do not have to give up my daily dark chocolate fixes:-)

jenn said...

Jen on the Edge - I'm glad to know I'm not alone! (Also, please send me some homemade bread.)

Nana said...

Yes, I noticed a theme. You are making something yummy in the kitchen EVERY DAY. Woo-hoo!! Next month's visit is going to be even better than I thought!

Remember, Grandma...the flavonoids in chocolate are good for us; therefore, the calories in chocolate don't count.

Rose said...

Oh yeah. I just started Weight Watchers again; weigh the same as I did one year ago which was the last time I started WW. Gained all 25 pounds back, but hey, I can do it again!

Country Girl said...

Hysterical post. I have do the same. I tried weight watcher (on-line) for the first time and I've lost 9lbs since Jan.