Monday, March 23, 2009

Irritating the Local Wildlife

This weekend we continued the prepping of the Formerly Glitter Popcorn Ceiling (soon to be the Yummy Smooth White Ceiling). We scraped, sponged, vacuumed, and stain-sealed in mind-numbing rotation. It was the very definition of thankless.

While I was "taking a break from working" (i.e., looking for an excuse to stand around and do nothing for awhile), I decided to photograph the action at the birdfeeder. We've had a lot more birdsong around here in the mornings, and the feeders have been hopping as spring approaches.

Chickadees have always been one of my favorite feeder visitors. They're just so darn teeny and cute. Maisy the cat also seems to have a fondness for them, but I think it's less about the cute and more about the crunchy. Lucky for them, she's an indoor cat.
I think this little dude just noticed me. He's giving me the beady eyeball.
"Nothing to see here. Nothing. To. See. Just looking at my little birdie toes. Move along, please."
"Why are you still here?"
Yep, he's onto me.
Look at him getting all ruffled and badass with his itty-bitty self."You. Woman. With the enormous black plastic thing attached to your eye. Don't you have work to do?"
Isn't he just precious when he's pissed off?Oh, look how cute! Now he's giving me the little birdie cold shoulder. Or is it cold wing? I have no idea what's PC in this situation.
"You are dead to me. But please continue to fill the cylinder with seed."

My work here is done. Back to the ceiling.


smalltownmom said...

Those pictures are great! Good luck with the ceiling. We did that too -- messy but totally worth it.

Country Girl said...

Great photos especially the last one with the reflection.

Shell said...

What cute pictures!

Dawn in Austin said...

I love it! I have chicadees and titmouses all over in my yard. And several generations of cardinals. I wish I had a camera that could take pictures like that. I'd have a ball. Thanks for sharing!