Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Snow Day. Oh, Goody.

By March, the novelty of snow days has worn off (for me, at least - my kids are pretty much always on board for sleeping in). Whereas December and January snow days inspired me to whip up homemade pancakes and engineer elaborate art projects with the girls, in March you're more likely to find me huddled in a corner muttering profanities. Quietly, but with great fervor.

We've hit the allotted number of snow days in our school district, meaning that any more days cancelled for snow are tacked on to the end of the school year. And that SUCKS. Schools in Maine are in session until around June 20th anyway, and there have been really snowy years where Maine kids are still in school until July. Frankly, I'd probably be likely to call them in "sick" and head to the beach. Maine summers are short. Use it or lose it.

This Monday was a snow day (as was last Monday!). We got a fresh foot of snow atop the two-ish feet we already had. See my kids trekking up the hill to sled? I was watching them out the window and thought, huh, that doesn't look as deep as I expected. I guess I'll take the camera and go out back with them.

Yeah, funny story here. You know how kids are lighter than adults? A smarter person than me would have realized that perhaps the kids weren't sinking down through all the layers of snow. Whereas I ..*cough* not as light as a kid. I sank all the way down past my knees. Making it kind of hard to lift my legs high enough to take a step without falling down. Especially when you're holding expensive camera equipment. And not wearing gloves.

I may or may not have fallen completely over onto my back and required the kids' help to extricate myself from the backyard snow-impersonating-as-quicksand. It wasn't my proudest moment. The children seemed to enjoy it, though.This is me pretending to be happy that I get to fire up the tractor and snow-blow the driveway. Again. Sigh.
While I began the always-pleasant task of wrestling the tractor with its immense snow-blower attachment out of the garage, the girls migrated to the front yard and declared their intention to build a snow fort. Once I began the actual snow-blowing, though, they abandoned their fort idea for a new game of their invention. Running jerkily through the deep snow of the yard, they followed alongside me down the driveway, getting completely pelted with the snow thrown by the blower. This evolved into flinging themselves facedown in the cushiony drifts and waiting for deluge of snow, then running ahead again and flinging themselves down again. Repeat 126 times. Apparently, this is hilarious.

Far funnier to me was when I finally put the tractor away and took a good look at Bear and Bug. I mean at The Snow Children of Maine. Even Bear's eyelashes were coated in snow a la The White Witch from the Narnia movies. "Don't shake it off!" I ordered and ran for the camera.
"My hood feels heavy," Bear complained, as she turned around to let me take a photo of the backs of their heads. Hmm. I wonder why that would be? Maybe because it's completely packed full of snow?? It was right around this point that Bear caught a glimpse of herself in the camera lens and her amusement with the whole situation started to turn to alarm. Her hands flew to her head, and she whispered, "My hair. It's totally frozen." Really? You think? How mysterious.
She began to try to pull the balls of snow and ice out of her horrifically tangled hair. It wasn't happening. I began to giggle at her consternation, as she kept looking over at me like Do something, you're the mom.

"Arrg! Arrg! It won't come out! How will I get it out?" Bear asked in a slightly hysterical tone, patting frantically at her head at her snow-encased head.
By now I was laughing so hard that my cold-induced asthma kicked in, and though I was trying to tell her that, babe, it's ICE, it melts, and a nice hot shower will take care of it, I couldn't manage to get the words out between the wheezing and the laughing. I finally choked out, "shower" and saw the comprehension and relief dawn on her face.
Bug was equally amused by her sister's distress and her mother's helpless wheezy laughter.

Aren't snow days awesome?


smalltownmom said...

The pictures of your girls are. Awesome, that it.

Daddy S. said...

Brought me a hearty laugh. Glad to see some fun was had while I was driving white-knuckled along Maine's rural byways.

Jen on the Edge said...

Those are great photos!

Country Girl said...

Yes great pictures! What do you have for a camera...I so want a new one and I do not know what I want exactly. C'mon SPRING!!!!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC! Great blog!

jenn said...

Country Girl - my camera is a Canon Eos xti. Highly recommend! Other than being clunkier to carry around (what with the extra lenses and all) than my old point-and-shoot, I love it in every way.

Nana said...

My granddaughters, the kidsicles!

Grandma said...

Awesome pictures. I can hardly wait for Grandpa to get home to see them. Looks to me like you made lemonade with the lemons you got this morning. Great job "Mom" in entertaining those gorgeous girls :-)

grandpa said...

Precious moments. Enjoy every one of them. They pass so quickly, but you will always have the memories. My granddaughters are more beautiful every day. Love all of you. Grandpa

Kathy said...

I love your 'formerly in my garden' gadget! That really says it all...

And don't mean to be a 'stalker' but your Star Wars comment at Jen on the Edge had my husband and I in stitches.