Friday, March 27, 2009

Not So Much TGIF as Thank God I Survived the Week

Things That Made This Morning Suck - in crescendoing order:

1. Having the stomach flu.

2. Crappy night's sleep, in which I thought a serial killer was tapping on the window because a creepy dude selling meat out of his truck came to my door yesterday.

3. Finally waking up from said crappy night to discover that the tapping sound was actually freezing rain hitting the window. Toss-up as to whether or not this was any improvement over the serial killer.

4. Making Daddy Shortbread's coffee while having stomach flu because I was grateful he was taking the girls to school for me. He was in the shower, and I wanted to do something nice for him. However, coffee (normally my life's blood) smells like retch to me when I'm sick.

5. Cue the cat. Who retches. On the carpet, of course.

6. Clean up cat retch and try to hold my breath and avert eyes. Difficult to effectively clean this way. Succumb to dry heaves.

Bear (a.ka. World's Most Sensitive Person to All Things Vomit-Related): Moooom, can you stop doing that? You're grossing me out, and I'm trying to eat!

Me (in the manner of Bill the Cat): I'm - ack- not- oop, ACK - trying to!

7. Hear large splashing sound and "oops" from Bug, who was in the kitchen. Pull self together to investigate. Notice enormous family-size jug of juice has fallen out of the fridge and come open because Certain People (*cough* Bear *cough*) like to just slap the lid on without actually screwing it on. Lake Cranberry-Pomegranate is spreading like a tsunami across the linoleum. Consider crying. Clean it up instead.

On the extreme upside of stomach flu, my week's diet of tea and toast seems to have had the anticipated result of Bonus Weight Loss! Suck on THAT, Dr. Atkins.


Dawn in Austin said...

Nice to meet you! I popped over from Women's Colony. Well, you gave me a much needed chuckle this morning! Sorry it had to be because of your crappy day. Hope you feel better soon.

jenn said...

Thank you for stopping by, Dawn! I'm on Day #5, so surely...soon, right?

smalltownmom said...

It sounds just awful. Hang in there. 5 days of it is too long!

Jen on the Edge said...

So sorry you've been sick. Hope you recover soon.

Rose said...

Man. That sounds too rough to bear. Hope you feel better soon. Even the promise of extra weight loss does not tempt me to envy you. Not one little bit.

Grandma said...

Are you trying to beat me in the weight loss contest toward fitting in our bathing suits this summer? Okay, you win, so stop this nonsense already. Your busiest weekend is fast approaching with the dance recital.

Soooo sorry, you are still under the weather. Have you tried sugar free Ginger tea? Not the best tasting, but it really settles the tummy.

Country Girl said...

Cute post, hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm visiting from the Women's Colony. I guess I clicked over because I lived in Maine for 6 years.

Sorry about your terrible morning. I hope you're feeling better.