Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I stop to wonder sometimes why I've chosen to live in a climate where the trees have no leaves for six months out of the year. For someone why loves to garden, this must seem a strange choice, yes? Then June rolls around, and I realize that it's because it makes this time of the year seem like that much more of a miracle.

In other words, who needs therapy when I have this just outside my window?


Salvia "May Night":

Chive flowers & visitor:Perfection.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

WOW! Your pictures of your garden look like they were taken in Martha Stewart's garden. Absolutely beautiful. We have nothing like that out here as the winds have picked up again today. This continues to dry everything outside including the skin on my beautiful body :-) Early this morning (@ 5:30 a.m.) before our walk I watered my little patch of green and by the time we returned home from our walk, the ground was already dead "A--" dry! Hate to see my upcoming water bill :-(
It is wonderful to see a bee in one of your photographs. This year there were no bees on my apple tree and we have not seen any on whatever flowers are in bloom. We have been told that the bees are dying due to some disease in their hives. Sad. Enjoy your lovely environment my dear Jenn.

Nana said...

Your flowers definitely make up for your winters! Flowers are abundant and beautiful here in Ohio right now, but they're getting too much rain from the never-ending storms we've been getting this week. I wish some of this rain would wait until July and August when we'll be desperate for it. Lots of bees here - I'll send some to AZ for you, Grandma.

parnola said...

Sweet ass pics Jenny! Which lens are you using for these closeups? You've got wonderful background blur (aka "bokeh") to separate the subject flowers from the background and fantastic color saturation.