Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you...

To my husband:
-for changing middle-of-the-night diapers
-for being the person I can roll my eyes at when our kids are being lunatics
-for spending ten hours leveling ground & setting up the swimming pool for our kids, and for restraining yourself from killing them when they then immediately asked when you'd be putting the new swingset together
-for loving our daughters unreservedly and always letting them know it

To Tom R.:
-for teaching my husband to fix stuff (dang, that comes in handy!)
-for encouraging your son's sense of humor (one of the first things I noticed about him)
-for being the person he learned how to be a great dad from

To my dad:
-for playing catch with me for hours on end when I was a kid (one of my favorite childhood memories)
-for taking me to plays and symphonies
-for encouraging (enabling?) my love of reading
-for not disowning me during my adolescence when I was insufferable
-for carefully cultivating my appreciation of dark humor (exposure to Thurber, Frog & Peach, Monty Python, etc.) at a young age

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Nana said...

Happy Father's Day to Tom R. and to our wonderful son-in-law, Daddy Shortbread! Take it easy today and enjoy!!