Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bug's Master Plan

While Bear was at a sleepover this weekend, Daddy Shortbread and I took Bug out for breakfast - just the three of us. I took the opportunity to quiz her about her future plans.

Me: So, have you thought at all about what you'd like to be when you grow up?

Bug: Well...Hannah and I were thinking we'd live on a farm together.

Me: That sounds neat. What kind of farm would you have?

Bug: There would be five or ten donkeys on one side of the barn... cows... chickens.... bunnies.. pigs... some dogs... kitties...

Me: Horses?

Bug: Oh, yes.

Me: And what would you do to make money?

Bug: (who has obviously thought this all out) Well, sometimes we would have to sell a chicken or if there was one pig born who was the smallest? We would sell him.

(Sorry, Wilbur!)

Me: So, when you go to college, what kind of classes would you take to help make you a better farmer?

Bug: (thinks a moment) I guess I would take the classes about how plants grow and how to take care of animals when they are sick.

Me: What state would your farm be in?

Bug: (looks at me like I'm retarded) MAINE!


Nana said...

Do they still have Future Farmers of America clubs in high school? That was a big one when I was in school.

I hope Bear and Bug will grow pumpkins on their farm. I'm looking forward to hay rides!

Nicole said...

That is my kinda place to live! Lots and lots of furry little creatures.