Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seize the Apples

Usually my awareness of leaf season goes something like this: oooh, pretty! wow, gorgeous! oooh, I should definitely take some pictures today! man, tomorrow I'll for sure get my camera out and take some shots!...whoa, where did all the color go and who the HELL put all those dead leaves on my lawn?

But Friday was one of those autumn days that was so absolutely scintillating in its perfection that it made me feel all carpe diem. The sky sparkled blue. The leaves positively screamed with color, and fluffy little milkweed spores drifted lazily through the air. I picked the girls up from school and declared that today was an apple picking day. They were enthusiastic.

"And can we get ice-cream on the way?" inquired the always-enterprising Bug.
Well. Why not?

We munched our cones (rum raisin for me, which I know sounds wrong but is just awesome. I made fun of it for six years before I finally tried it.) as we drove out of town, down the little country road that leads to The Apple Farm. This was all around us:Spirits were high as we headed into the orchard:Some of us felt the need to break into impromptu kick lines:Guess who wore herself out half an hour later and morphed into La Grande Crabbe Who Is Too, Too Tired To Carry Her Own Apple Picker? And raise your hand, please, if you saw that coming.

Still, Little Miss Cranky Pants and swarms of teeny gnats aside, it was a great afternoon.

Bear shows off her bag of Winter Banana apples:


#1quiltinggrandma said...

Great shots! Wish we were there for a piece of pie with a scoop of ice cream :-) Rum Raisin? Never heard of that one.

jenn said...

It's a lightly rum-flavored ice-cream with big plump raisins in it. Quite divine.

Nana said...

Cute pics of all the apple pickers and chorus liners. :) I never heard of Winter Banana apples, but they sure do look yummy. Set aside a piece of that pie for both Grandma and me, please. Grandpa, do you want some? Better speak up quickly before it's all gone! Papa loses out - he's in CA this week and unable to read your blog.

I raised my hand. :)

I MIGHT be brave enough to try rum raisin ice cream the next time I visit, but no promises. I've never cared for the flavor of rum and putting it in ice cream seems totally wrong to me. That ranks right up there with ginger ice cream. Ew!!!

jenn said...

The other big flavor around here is GrapeNuts Ice-Cream. I'm standing firm on my "no thanks" to that one.

Caffeine Court said...

I love it! We have to go apple picking! Those are amazing photos.