Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Raking Leaves, Kid Style

You don't have to be a parent for very long to realize that kids are not voluntarily helpful unless there's something in it for them. Sometimes they're angling to lick the spatula; other times they're softening you up before they ask for something big; once in awhile it's just for the praise. I've yet to have Bear or Bug pitch in and help for purely selfless reasons. So when I saw Bug and Bear raking up the leaves by the driveway, I harbored no delusions about what their master plan was.
Nope, I just ran inside and got my camera because I knew this was coming:
Also this:
Which quickly segued into The Battle of the Leaves:
Miss Woodland Sprite (who later found leaf bits in her underwear):
Bear, who is way too mature to watch Disney princess movies with her sister but not too mature to roll around in leaves like a chimpanzee:
Help! Our mother buried us in leaves!
They offered to bury me, too. I declined, but I will watch Disney princess movies. Maturity is relative.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

What great pictures! Boy, the girls have really grown since we last saw them. Time marches on ;-)

Nana said...

These pictures bring back memories of you and Uncle Awesome jumping in piles of leaves every fall. I wonder why it is that kids enjoy doing that so much? I remember how much I liked doing it, but only when the leaves were crunchy. We used to step on a few to be sure they weren't even semi-soggy.