Monday, October 6, 2008

Bitten By the Political Bug

In the past few weeks, Bug has been fascinated by the outbreak of campaign signs around town. She reads them out loud, asks me if the candidate is Republican or Democrat, and whether I plan on voting for them. As more and more appeared in our neighborhood, she began to wonder when we would get ours in the mail.

You have to go to the campaign office and get them, I told her. Well, what in the heck were we waiting for? she wanted to know.

We had signs for the last election, and I have been meaning to pick some up, but never seem to think of it when I'm downtown near the Obama campaign office. The one time she reminded me when we were downtown, I had ice-cream in the back and couldn't stop.

The kid is a little bit relentless when she gets something into her head. Every day for the past week, she's asked if today is the day we will get our yard signs. No. Today? Well, then, how about today? It was when she elected to stay up to watch the vice-presidential debate with us (eight, the kid's eight!), that I knew I REALLY needed to get those signs.

Today was The Day. I picked both girls up from school. We drove downtown and crossed the square to the campaign office. The window was painted red, white, and blue with OBAMA/BIDEN in gigantic letters. We strode purposefully in and requested yard signs.

They're out of the fricking signs.

Worst. Mother. Ever.


parnola said...

Say it ain't so, Jenn! Doggone it, I thought you'd be backin' the maverick this year. It's so obvious I'm a Maine outsider; I'm just not used to the way you guys operate. Here's a shout out to my favorite nieces!!

jenn said...

'Fraid so. *wink*

Nana said...

Do you want me to see if I can get an Obama/Biden sign here and send it up to Maine? It would certainly make Kate's day!! I wonder if she is his youngest fan?

jenn said...

She'd certainly be thrilled, but I can't begin to imagine how you'd package it to mail it.

Nana said...

Good point.

Nicole said...

A certan person who works in a shipping department and has boxes of every size may be able to mail it for you.

Nana said...

Really? Who might that person be???