Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daddy Time

Bug's been pretty focused lately on the negatives of being the youngest in the family. She has an earlier bedtime than her sister. She's not allowed to watch certain TV shows that Bear does. She has to wear her sister's old winter coat instead of choosing a new one from the Land's End catalog. She practically writhed with envy last weekend when I let Bear borrow my cell phone to go ice-skating with friends.

Later that day, it was nice to see her reaping one of the benefits of being the youngest: one-on-one Daddy time when her big sister was off at a sleepover.
And, no, that's not how I normally dress my child. She put on an old t-shirt of Daddy Shortbread's to paint earlier that day and then decided not to take it off. Ditto on the too-short sweatpants. Whatever.
Daddy Shortbread was a very game two-square player, even when his opponent got a little rowdy.
To wit:
I had such a good time watching them enjoy each other. Daddy Shortbread would turn to retrieve the ball, only to have an ebullient Bug tackle him from behind. Two-square isn't normally a full-contact sport, is it?

I hung out at the picnic table sipping Diet Pepsi and shooting pictures to look busy. No way was I playing ball with these two crazies.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

Awesome pixs! Has Daddy Shortbread dropped a few pounds? He looks great.
Bug is really growing up fast.

Caffeine Court said...

They look so much alike! She's got quite a kick. I think someone has a future as a Rockette.

Nana said...

You definitely have a future Rockette in the making! I wish I could still throw my leg up like Bug can. Oh, to be young again.

Nana said...

When did Bug start taking karate lessons?

jenn said...

Well, obviously she gets the high kicks from me!

Nana said...