Monday, September 29, 2008

Introducing Mr. Tung-Wup Whipper

Isn't he ... um, something?

Bear's assignment was to make a mask from a culture of her choosing and write an essay detailing the construction process and how it was significant to the culture. Right off, she knew she wanted to make a kachina mask. Both kids are very proud of their Native American heritage and love to show it off.

When Bug's class was studying Indian tribes a couple of weeks ago, she made me write down the name of her tribe and the family Indian name on a Post-It note for her. She took it to school in the pocket of her jeans, so she could tell the class at their morning circle time.

Bear remembered seeing photographs of kachinas in a book of Arizona photograpy. She knew they'd be perfect for this assignment.

It took awhile looking through Google images of kachinas to settle on one, but once she saw the Tung-Wup Whipper, she was hooked. I mean, what's not to love?

He is a Hopi kachina. During the dance ceremonies, he whips naughty children with a yucca vine. Can't you just picture Hopi moms threatening their kids to behave so the Tung-Wup Whipper doesn't come after them? Could be handy. Forget behaving so Santa will bring you presents, this dude's going to WHIP YOU WITH A VINE if you're bad. Genius.
And, yes, Maisy did notice the fuzzy feathers on top of his head. And, yes, she tried to get them.
When I came in from a walk this morning, I caught her with the bag of leftover feathers (still sealed) in her mouth. She froze and stared at me like a drug addict in rehab caught with a baggie of crack.


Nana said...

It's difficult to tell which one is Mr. Tung-Wup Whipper and which one is Hannah, but I think I got it figured out. The resemblance is amazing, isn't it?

Is the mask made of paper, fabric, or what? I can't tell. That project is definitely a keeper!

#1quiltinggrandma said...

Absolutely beautiful! Her great, great grandpa would be very proud of her. The bright colors used on the project are right on target. Definitely should take up residence in Bear's room:-) It will keep the evil spirits away.
Grandpa thinks Bear is better looking than Tung-Wup Whipper, a whole lot better looking :-)

jenn said...

She and Daddy Shortbread carved him out of styrofoam, with wooden bead, feather, marker, foil, and paint detailing.