Monday, September 22, 2008

A Banner Year for Apples

Sunday after breakfast, we drove out to Lemieux's (pronounced "LEM-yerz", I kid you not) Apple Orchard. They have 3,300 apple trees in their orchards. We had heard that our favorite variety of apple, the Macoun, was ripe for picking. Have you ever seen trees loaded with apples like this? It's a bumper year for apples in Maine.
Bug loved using the apple picker. She just wanted someone else to carry it for her when she wasn't using it. She wasn't too keen on carrying her bag of apples either. Or her sweatshirt.
Bear in a crate:
Hands down, the best part of picking your own apples is that you're allowed to eat all you want while you're picking. And NOTHING tastes better than a Macoun apple straight off the tree. Even Daddy Shortbread (Mr. Fruit Textural Issues) ate one.
This is a "Wolf River" apple. Note that it is approximately the size of Daddy Shortbread's head. A bit scary, no? I'm thinking two of these babies would probably fill a pie crust.
The girls were delighted to round the corner on one of the rows of apple trees and discover a pen of cows. The cows were pretty interested in them, too, and came right up to the fence to check them out.
We bought several of these pretty gourds they had for sale and two 5 lb. bags of apples. Total price = $5.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

Forget the pie crust when cooking the Wolf River apple. That is a big apple! Grandpa

Boy, the apples sure look yummy and it looks like you all had a beautiful Fall day. So happy the girls love fresh, raw apples and are not picky like to guys I know well:-)Happy to hear Daddy Shortbread did give a try eating the fresh apple. Grandpa has not reached that level of courage when it comes to eating anything fresh and raw off the vine or tree:-( Grandma

Nana said...

Papa and I remember how good Macoun apples are. We think about them every year and wish we were in Maine at the time they're ripe for picking and eating. Uncle Awesome and Aunt Fabulous are hoping to try them next month - I hope the Macouns' short season won't be over by then.

Hooray for Daddy Shortbread for eating a fresh apple!! That man is just full of surprises! Next thing you know, he'll be asking you to make a banana cream pie. :)