Friday, September 12, 2008

Bug's Picture Day (less angst, more goof)

Bug is a somewhat easier kid to prepare for picture day. Actually, it's just different hassles. She, for example, is more concerned with what color backdrop I circle on the order sheet than what shirt I make her wear. She was hell-bent on a purple backdrop this year. I was informed that I always circle blue. I agreed to purple, if she would agree to whatever shirt I pick. Deal. (Ha! I didn't care about the backdrop, but I really wanted her in this shirt. See how tricky and manipulative I am?)We went with braids for the hairstyle. Bug wanted her hair straightened a la older sister, but I was firm. I can only handle one kid growing up at a time. Despite what she thinks, she's still a little girl and I want her to look like one in her third grade picture. I gave her braids a fair shellacking with hairspray since this is also her gym day. Bug sniffed and said, "Ahhhh....that reminds me of the dance recital!"

Last year, Bug told me, a little boy in her class went into the bathroom just before the class walked down for pictures. He dunked his hair in the sink and used his fingers to rake it into a mohawk. I was dubious that any teacher would let him get away with that, but I just dug out her class photo from second grade, and there he is in all his dripping mohawk glory. Can you imagine his mother's reaction when she saw that picture? I would have cheerfully throttled the little monkey.
"Show me how not to smile for your school picture," I told her. Prepped, primped, and ready to go...


#1quiltinggrandma said...

This is my number one darlin. She really wanted to wear the same shirt you picked for her, so she gave up nothing and got what she wanted, i.e. purple backdrop! This young lady is going to be a lawyer! Grandpa

Nana said...

Grandpa's got Bug figured out! :)