Monday, November 17, 2008

My Poor Children

My kids were righteously indignant when they discovered that this is a full week of school. The past three weeks of school have been riddled with teacher in-service days, early release days, and national holidays.

"What? Not even a half day this week?" Bear asked.

"Nope. You go all five days this week. But next week is Thanksgiving, and you only have two days of school," I told them.

Bug sighed and layed her head on the kitchen table, "Man, this sucks. I need a break."

Because it's so stressful being eight years old?


Nana said...

Bug thinks SHE needs a break? Ha!

You might have to inform the girls that in Europe and parts of Asia children go to school six full days a week. That'll make five days sound pretty darn good!

Can Thanksgiving really be next week? Where did November go??

parnola said...

Where are the photos? Are you boycotting photography for the rest of the month?

jenn said...

Yeah, I've been kind of lazy about pictures ever since I got sick. More coming soon!