Friday, November 7, 2008

Awesome & Fabulous

Uncle Awesome and Aunt Fabulous just came to Maine for a six day visit. We had a great time hanging out with them, eating, playing Wii, eating, shopping, (did I mention eating?), and watching the election returns. Oh, also we ate a lot. I have GOT to get back to the gym on Monday. Bug, in particular, is completely awestruck by Aunt Fabulous. She takes careful note of Aunt Fab's stylish clothes, accessories, and shoes. I notice that she takes a little extra time with choosing her own accessories when Aunt Fab is around, and frequently adds a little dab of glitter roll-on to take her ensemble to that next level.

They took the girls on a shopping spree last weekend, helping them select trendy new clothes for school. Bear begged me to wash them up as quickly as possible, so she could wear a new shirt Monday to school.
Bear loves that Uncle Awesome and Aunt Fab are as into video games as she is. Finally, grown-ups who will tirelessly play Wii without begging off after ten minutes to do laundry or some other boring adult activity. Let's face it, aunts and uncles are way more fun than parents.
"Gee, thanks for spoiling my kids," I joked to Uncle Awesome as they left.

"That's our job," he replied, quite serious.
And they do it so well.


Nana said...

They're both awesome and fabulous in my book!

Where were my doting aunt and uncle when I was a kid???

Glad to hear you all had a great six days together.

Caffeine Court said...

You've gotta love the "cool" aunts and uncles! We all had them and they are so special!!

As a matter of fact, I was the awesome aunt before I had my own children. My husband's brother has that role in my girls' lives.

Great post.

parnola said...

Check out the background blur in those pics. Where DID you get a lens like that?!?

jenn said...

Yeah, don't be surprised if that super awesome zoom lens mysteriously disappears when we visit at Christmastime!