Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Tell Me When I Can Nap

Tonight is our fourthVisitor's Day at the dance studio in a week. While we love seeing the girls dance and getting a first peek at their recital costumes, there is also to be considered that we sit on supremely uncomfortable little plastic chairs for an hour and a half at a time in a studio made stuffy and sweltering from all the parents and kids crammed in there. Also? The 20 pairs of tap shoes in a confined space? I find myself consciously trying not to wince at the sound within twelve minutes. I don't know how their dance teacher does this on a daily basis. You know, without drinking heavily.

Still - I was so proud of my girls: Bear, whose grace and carriage really shines through in ballet; and Bug, whose energy and sense of rhythm is best showcased in jazz.

I must say, though, that after the crazy week we've had, when I treated the girls to McDonald's last night and Bear bit into a McNugget only to find it COMPLETELY RAW INSIDE, it felt like fate was deliberately messing with us. Enough so, that even though I was already in my comfy pants and slippers, I threw my coat back on and drove back to Mickey D's to return the Chicken McSalmonella Nuggets.

In summary: TGIF.


#1quiltinggrandma said...

You are an awesome "Mom"! I just love your expletives :-) They always me laugh. I can just see Bear's reaction. Did she eat the second portion that you brought back or did gag and state she would never eat another chicken tender?

jenn said...

No, she was "too grossed out to eat anything but dry cereal."

Nana said...

That experience would probably turn me on Chicken McNuggets for a LONG time!! Just the thought of biting into raw chicken makes me gag!

You might want to wear ear plugs next year for visitors' week at dance. That tap, tap, tapping can really mess with one's hearing and head. I speak from experience having been in the dressing room with the girls preparing for dance recitals. :) Add all their excited little voices to the mix, and we're talking some serious noise!! I haven't been the same since, but I'm going back for more in the spring.