Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Bug's Letter to Santa

Yesterday, I casually mentioned to Bug that I had seen on The Today Show that Santa had begun deciding which toys to give to which children. (Hey, we all know that if Matt Lauer says it, it must be true, right?) I wondered aloud if she had finished writing her letter to Santa.

I do this every year, and it never fails to amuse me. I also announce when I've "seen on the news" that Santa is polishing the sleigh, that elves have begun wrapping presents, that x number of gifts have been reassigned because of last-minute naughtiness. Keeps 'em on their toes.

"No, but I'll get right on that," she said, standing up and unceremoniously dumping the snoozing cat off her lap. She fetched a notebook and pencil from her room and plunked herself in the middle of the living room floor to write. Bear, curled up in a recliner with a book, exchanged an knowing & amused look with me over the top of Bug's head.

Here is what Bug wrote:

Dear Santa,
Here is what I want for Christmas.

Wii games like My Sims Creator and My Sims Kingdom!

A Nintendo DS with DS game Tetris or Mario Carts.

The Webkinz eagel, bottle nose dolphine, or Manatee!

Bath and body works gift card.

Vidio camera to film puppet shows with!

Or you can surprise me!

I have been good all year my mom signed this to prove it.

Jennifer Z. Bestmomever

ps. I will be at my nanas and papas for christmas.



Nana said...

I was so sure last year would be Bug's last year to believe in Santa. It's exciting to know that there's one more year of that innocence left in her.

I'm sure Bear is enjoying playing along with Bug's enthusiasm and belief. You used to give me those knowing looks, too, when Uncle Awesome still believed. Those are good memories.

#1quiltinggrandma said...

The first three items on Bugs list are foreign to me :-(

Bears reaction brings to mind the day we told Daddy Shortbread the truth about Santa. He was around Bugs age and he never asked or gave any hints that he knew the truth. When we told him, he was furious and stated he knew and why did we have to spoil it by telling him. Come to think about it, as he grew older his list Christmas list started getting longer and longer. If we had to do it over again, we would change nothing. Wonderful times!

jenn said...

What made you decide to tell him?

Anonymous said...

I will be so sad when Santa is no longer "believed in" at our house. It's so fun, and it gives me major leverage when I whip out my phone to "call Santa" and let him know what my son is doing/saying. It stops bad behavior really well.

I love the Sims, too! Good choices!