Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Think It's Time For School To Start Back Up Again

Bear (hollers from the living room): Mom, are we allowed to be on the computer?

Me: No, I think you've had enough computer time for today. Go get a book and read.

Bear (happy to be the informant): Well, Bug's on the computer. (to her sister) Buuuug, you have to get offfffff.

Bug: Mom, can I just listen to music on the computer while I read?

Me (opening mouth to reply):

Bear (snotty): Um, there's this thing? It's called an iPod?

Bug (right back atcha snotty): Yeah, and there's this other thing? Called a sister? And it's ANNOYING ME.

Bear (hollers from living room): Moooooom, Bug just told me I'm annoying!

Yesterday, for similar mutual heckling that culminated in shrieking and thrown puzzle pieces, they both wound up spending the hour before dinner in solitary (in bedroom, no iPod or phone). Anyone care to lay bets that they won't find themselves in solitary again today?

It's that time of the summer - two weeks to go until school starts - when sibling rivalry and boredom has come to a head. They're tired of swimming, playing outside, and all the standard summer activities, and in their boredom they've turned to the only remotely entertaining activity around: annoying the shit out of your sister. It doesn't help that they both happen to excel at this activity (what can I say - they're gifted), and one carefully chosen remark is all it takes to send the other one in a stompy, door-slamming maelstrom of sisterly fury.

Right now they're both sullenly folding laundry with cheerful Mary Poppins-y assurances from me that there's plenty more where that came from should they care to bicker while folding. Is it wrong that I secretly hope they'll get into it, so I can make them Swiffer the floors, too?


Rose said...

Oh god, that sounds like my mom's plan for me and my sister; only she didn't attempt any Mary Poppins-like demeanor, more like, well, let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight....Good luck with your house cleaning plans!!

smalltownmom said...

I love my boys. The fighting stopped years ago.

Jen on the Edge said...

I do the same thing when my girls argue; hence, it's been a fairly peaceful summer.

Susan said...

With my twins I would threaten to separate them and that was enough. When we added the third child, I added the housework penance.

Dawn in Austin said...

Is it wrong that I'm secretly wishing for that, for you? Heehee!

That only comes from the fact that I have no more children to torture, er, teach.

Becky said...

I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did! You're hilarious! :) I agree... it's definitely time for school to start!

Meg said...

Oh man, thank goodness you've got two weeks to go. Sisters...we know just what to say to piss the other one off. It's a gift.

Pretty Things said...

Oh gosh, that's hilarious.

Cindy said...

Reminds me of the glory days with my sister!

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