Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back-To-School Fashion Shoot 2010

It's Back to School for both Bear and Bug this week (and, not incidentally, Back to Routine and Sanity for yours truly). Our summertime disregard for regular bedtimes and waking times around here has led to certain personality malfunctions in my children. As the summer wears on, my tolerance for playing mediator for cranky short people is wearing thiiiiiiin. Like, if I won the lottery and was offered the choice between the cash prize or one day of silence, I'd have to think about it for awhile.

However, a bright spot in the last week has been our Annual Back-to-School Fashion Shoot. The girls have been anxiously reminding me that we're running out of time as the first day of school creeps nearer, and they've been assembling outfits and accessories all week in preparation. Today we finally got around to shooting the pictures.

Here's how it works: The girls have each chosen their six favorite new school outfits to show you. Please vote for your favorite outfit for each kid in the comments. I can guarantee you that they will be hounding me to check my comments every five minutes tomorrow, and tallying votes will be way more entertaining than fighting with each other over who is breathing too loudly. PLEASE VOTE. Do it for me and my ever-dwindling sanity.

Bear, Eighth Grader
#1. Bear: a plaid shirt open over layered camis, worn with accent necklace and jeans.
#2. Bear: a casual graphic tee paired with gray skinny jeans.
#3 Bear: posing with her favorite accessory, her cellphone (Lewis, because naturally she named it) and wearing an aqua tie-dyed babydoll shirt over a white tee with jeans.
#4 Bear: wearing her souvenir t-shirt from band camp, gray skinny jeans, and holding her new backpack.
#5 Bear: charcoal and pink babydoll top over a white tee with dark-rinse jeans.
#6 Bear: a tiered, ruffled orange and white top over a tank, paired with jeans.

Bug, Fifth Grader
#1 Bug: floral tee with sleeveless gray vest, paired with jeans and her spiffy new backpack.
#2 Bug: gray dancer t-shirt worn with flower necklace and jeans.
#3 Bug: hot pink babydoll shirt worn over a white tee with jeans and plaid flats.
#4 Bug: green and pink graphic tee worn with a pink ribbon necklace and jeans.
#5 Bug: gray striped sharkbite tank worn over a lime tee with jeans.
#6 Bug: gray and yellow striped cardigan worn with a coral cami and jeans.
Bonus Enticement for Voting! If the kids manage to accrue a respectable number of votes (i.e., enough to keep them from bickering), I plan to post the outtakes from this photo shoot early next week. And, trust me, these outtakes are not to be missed.


Savannah said...

My first choice for Bear is #3, second choice is #4. For Bug, first choice is #3, second is #6. Hope it helps!

Susan said...

Bear #6 Bug #5 Based on my experience with a now senior in high school.

Joan said...

#6 Bug (love the hair and the outfit was totally flattering) and #1 Bear (I'm a sucker for plaid!)

Becky said...

Great photo shoot :)

My favorites...
Bear #6
Bug #3

Jen on the Edge said...

For Bear, I like #5 and #6 and I *love* her hair in #2 (the ponytail).

For Bug, I like #3 and #6.

But no matter what, all the outfits are great and they're both lovely girls.

You do know that if you won the lottery and had to choose between cash and a day of silence, you could take the cash, buy silence, and still have $$$ left over for cute new shoes?

Rose said...

#6 for Bear (i liked #1 a lot too but 6 is even prettier) and #2 for Bug. All the outfits are gorgeous but my vote should count double, since I'm a middle school teacher and I know what is cool (really, I do....)

katiegirl said...

I'd say #6 for Bear (it was close, either that or #1) and # 3 for Bug.

katiegirl said...

I just noticed I picked the same ones as my sister (Becky). hehe!

Dawn in Austin said...

It was hard to choose, because all the outfits are darling. I finally narrowed down my favorites:

Bear #3
Bug #3

They both are beautiful young ladies and their outfits match their personalities.

thedomesticfringe said...

This is HARD! I am going with #6 for both Bug & Bear. Such cute kids and adorable outfits. Hope they enjoy their first week of school!!

Nana said...

This is NOT easy! There isn't a single outfit that I thought "Ew" about. Since I'm only allowed to choose one, though, my favorites are #1 for Bear and #2 for Bug.

smalltownmom said...

They are all great. But if I have to vote it's Bear 6, Bug 3 because those are just the cutest tops.

Nana said...

This is Papa.

Bear: #1

Bug: #4

Grandma/Grandpa said...

This is tough because I love them all:
Bear: #5 outfit; #2 hairstyle
Bug: #3 outfit; #6 hairstyle.
I know you did not ask us to vote for hairstyle, but I love the ones I picked because I can see their beautiful faces. Grandma:-)

Bear: In Order, Best to Good
# 4 First place
# 1 Second place
# 2 Third place
# 3 Fourth place
# 6 Fifth place
# 5 Sixth place

Bug: In Order, Best to Good
# 6 First place
# 4 Second place
# 2 Third place
# 1 Fourth place
# 3 Fifth place
# 5 Sixth place

TO: Bear and Bug: Or, you can put them all in a box, Shake it up, and put them on as they come out and have infinite styles. Have a great year! Love you both. Grandpa

michiganme said...

Actually liked them all, but if I'm forced to choose, here are my first and second places:

Bear: #1, then #6

Bug: #3, then #6

They both have beautiful smiles...

Tommy B said...

Bear - 1
Bug - 6

And I'd like to point out the genius of the fashion industry for getting women to buy THREE shirts for every outfit where one used to suffice by making each of the three, on their own, too thin or too immodest to constitute a complete outfit. Sheer wallet-draining genius.

Anonymous said...

O.k. Here are Mackenzie and Momma #2 votes!! Hannah: #6 for both of us and Kate: #3 for Momma #2 and #6 for Mackenzie! I love them all!!

parnola said...

Bear: #1 followed by #6
Bug: #3 followed by #4

Anonymous said...

Bear #1, Bug #6

Nicole said...

Bear: 3 then 1
Bug: 6

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My daughter (15) and I both chose 6 and 6 (though I can make a strong case for #5 for Bear as well!)

This is very fun.

Anonymous said...

I vote #6 for both girls. They're both lovely in any outfit, though. -Sara Olson (now Dean)

unmitigated me said...

Bear 6 and Bug 5. Also a former middle school teacher, like Rose. The flow-y over the fitted is big time hot with teens lately. And that orange on Bear made me go ooh! The soft greens and pinks that Bug has chosen really suit her coloring!

Jenn said...

Bear - tie between #1 and #6.
Bug - #6, with #3 a close second.

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