Monday, July 26, 2010

Culture Month (But Pronounced "Culchah" Because It Amuses Me)

A month or so ago, Tom and I had one of those heart-to-heart "State of the Union" marriage talks, where we ramble indiscriminately, but without rancor, about any and all aspects of our married lives.

For example:

Him: What's up with the new weeding style?

Me: Hmm?

Him: The one where you rip them out and leave them in little piles all over the grass and I eventually pick them up a week or two later when they turn brown...?

Me: Ah. I figured I would eventually mow over them with the tractor and mulch 'em up. Sort of like fertilizing the grass but without chemicals.

Him: Please don't.

Me: Noted. Can we address the energetic sucking of breath mints?

Him: They taste better when you oxygenate them during the dissolving process.

Me: By sucking them like an old person sucking on their dentures?

Him: Oh. OK, then. I'll work on it.

Me: Appreciated.

The one thing we both agreed on is that we both miss the cultural activities we used to attend when we lived in bigger towns. It's not that those opportunities don't exist in Maine, but you have to be a little more assertive in searching them out. We decided to make that a new priority.

In the past two weeks, we've attended:

*2 end-of-session concerts at Bear's band camp (obviously we would have gone to these anyway, but they were really amazingly good and deserve mention)
*three classical concerts at a nearby college
*"Chicago" at the Maine State Music Theatre

And we're looking into tickets to see the Broadway touring company of "Spamalot" when they come through this fall.

Surprise Side Effects of OPERATION CULCHAH:

1. Bug is now obsessed with taking cello lessons. When we sat down at one of the concerts, she popped right back up out of her seat and demanded that I switch seats with her because she "couldn't see the cello." We're looking into lessons.

2. Bear, three year adherent of the jeans/shorts and t-shirt dress code, is suddenly passionately into dresses.

3. Bug spent Saturday uploading 306 classical pieces onto her iPod. After playing them in her room for several hours, she reports that classical music "calms the cats."

4. I got to buy new shoes. Score.


Dawn in Austin said...

Love your "State of the Union"! Ours works much the same way.

I played cello when I was in 5th and 6th grade. That was back when school had an after school music program.

When I went to junior high, there were already two cello players who took private lessons, and no string bass player. I was promoted! Better to be first chair bass than third chair cello.

I loved my years playing string bass! Good on her, I hope she enjoys playing the cello.

Anonymous said...

Kudos the the "state of the union". I'll have to borrow that idea. Glad to hear the concerts went well and double glad Bug's into music.

Also, yay for new shoes! Yay, yay, yay! And definatly see Spamalot, especially if you're a fan of the Holy Grail movie. You'll love it!

Violet said...

Well, that's sure not the way the "state of the union" addresses went in my marriage! lol Good for you, that's how it should be.

Did you LOVE Chicago? I am madly in love with the stage production...the movie, not so much.

Culchah seems to be doing great things for all of you. :)

Susan said...

I love the cello, too. I don't know about cats, but YoYo Ma calms me.

We do a State of the Union almost every year - your follow up seems to be superior to ours, however! Cudos.

Shoes? Let's see!