Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009, The Photos

Only two weeks late! (See also: "hardly late at all" and "practically on time for Jenn even though every other blogger on the planet has already moved on to 2010").

There were grandparents from Arizona:
My very favorite part of Christmas morning is when I hear the kids wake up before our Negotiated Wake-Up Time. First I hear one skitter across the hall to the other's bedroom. Then, excited whispering. A creak of a door as they "quietly" check to make sure the coast is clear, then mad scampering down the hall to peek at the tree. We have a strict Ye May Peek, But Not Touch rule, which they manage to respect. There is always loud whispering and giggles as they creep back to a bedroom to wait out the minutes until wake-up time.

This year, Tom slipped into our bathroom to brush his teeth, then started for our bedroom door.

"What are you doing?" I whispered.

"I thought I'd go start the coffeepot," he replied.

"Get. Back. In. Bed." I hissed at him, "Part of the fun Christmas morning is getting to wake your parents up."

He humored me, climbing back into bed and closing his eyes. Three minutes later, our bedroom door exploded open as both kids burst through hollering, "Time to wake up! It's 7:00! Get up! It's Christmas!"

We made much show of blearily opening our eyes and saying, "Oh, it's way too early. I'm too tired.." Once we were assuredly upright, they zipped off to wake up Grandma and Grandpa.

And, lo, there was Christmas morning loot:
Lots and lots of loot.
Including the long-coveted, frequently (and not-so-subtly) mentioned new Ipods. Yellow for Bug and pink for Bear, both engraved on the back with their first names.
There was a brief respite between the flurry of unwrapping and Christmas Brunch, where the kids plopped exhausted amongst the boxes and paper.
After a hearty brunch of French Toast Casserole, homemade doughnuts, bacon, and fruit, the girls each retired to their new beanbags (hand-made by Grandma to match their new bedrooms). Bear watched one of her new DVDs. She's developed a taste for disaster movies, so she got "The Day After Tomorrow" (global warming on speed) and "Titanic" (winning combination of shipwreck + Leonardo DiCaprio).
Bug got absorbed in her new puzzle book:
Christmas Day was delightfully lazy, a pleasant blur of new books and puzzles, naps, leftover ham sandwiches, and Christmas cookies (seeing as how calories don't count on holidays - totally true, look it up. Then please come over and explain it to my pants, which did not seem to get that memo).


Jen on the Edge said...

I am so impressed with how each girl's gifts are wrapped in one paper only. I use whatever paper I have on hand, even if it means re-using white or brown paper bags. So classy, I know.

The beanbags are so great! Did Grandma ship those east?

If my girls didn't already have iPod Shuffles, I'm sure they'd be lobbying for iPods by now. As it is, I'm lobbying Pete to get them Nanos next year. G also wants a cell phone and laptop, both of which have been deferred until she's in middle school.

Nana said...

The girls look really happy with their Christmas loot. I love the bean bag chairs Grandma made!

Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous bean bags! Grandma is very talented.

Glad you enjoyed your Christmas!

Lora and Mike said...

Love the pictures! And how adorable your girls look first thing in the morning.

Rose said...

Those beanbags are awesome. So much better than bought ones; I never thought about making them. Everyone looked so happy, I love pjs on Christmas (well I love pjs all the time now). And my clothes are too tight too! I dont' know why sitting around and eating all the time does that to me!

Dawn in Austin said...

What a lovely Christmas morning! How did the grandparents from AZ like the cold? I'm always wondering how people from warm climes do in the frozen tundra, or Maine, whatever. :)

I shouldn't make fun, we're expecting a "large mass of artic air". That can't be good, can it?

Savannah said...

Those are two of my most favorite movies lol She has good taste :)