Friday, January 8, 2010


I pick up both of my girls from school and frequently ferry one or more of their friends home as well. I've learned that by keeping my mouth shut, Top 40 on the radio, and my ears open, I overhear some very interesting conversations from the back of the van.

For example, today...

Bear: Hey, Mom, did you remember to get cucumbers at the store? I want cucumbers and dip for my after-school snack.

Me: Yep, sure did.

Bear: Cool.

Bear's Friend: You know, I've never tasted a cucumber.

Bear and Bug: You've never had a cucumber??

B's Friend: Huh-uh. What do they taste like?

Bear: They don't taste like anything. They're just crunchy. You've really never tried one?

B's Friend: No, we don't really buy vegetables. Well, sometimes corn, but not much.

Bug (speaking up from the rear seat): I eat them when I want something crunchy with my lunch.

B's Friend: Why don't youjust eat chips?

Bug: No, I mean when I want something healthy and crunchy.

B's Friend (in a superior tone): Then you should get baked chips, sweetie.

Me: *speechless*


Rose said...

You are so right about driving and listening. If you remember not to comment, they actually forget you're there. The car is also a great place to talk to them about stuff they don't want to talk about (or hear from you about) as they're your prisoners. That's when I did ALL the condom talks (among other things)with my girls; they hated it but I knew I never wanted to have regrets about not talking about it.

Jen on the Edge said...

I learn so much from my children's friends.

I feel sorry for that child, because it sounds like she's being raised on a diet of processed foods.

smalltownmom said...


My great-nephew has a fruit phobia, and it's not his parents' fault.

Dawn in Austin said...

OMG, that was TOO funny!!

You're right, having them in the car is the best way to find out what's going on. And like Rose, a lot of the "talks" were given on road trips when they couldn't get away.

grandma said...

When I was a Chauffeur for Daddy Shortbread, the suburban was loaded with boys and let me tell you, boys do not talk. So not much was learned ;-(
This blog is, "too cute."

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think you need to invite that child over for an after-school snack!

Anonymous said...

I found you from Dawn in Austin. That's a brilliant conversation. I especially like the way you tagged this post. Makes it even funnier!

Nana said...

Apparently that friend's parents don't know the importance of kids eating well so their brains will function well. Pretty sad that she thinks the crunchiness in BAKED potato chips is on the same nutritional level as the crunchiness in cucumbers. Too sad.