Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Do Whatever You Want Day

The facts:

-It has been raining nonstop for two weeks. TWO. WEEKS.

-We've been passing around a chest cold like it's February, not June.

-No sun. Two weeks. I'm being considered for the Seasonal Affective Disorder poster child, but they want me to tone down the crazy in my eyes before the photo shoot. Not sure if that's possible.

-We've been crazy-busy with end-of-school obligations for the past week. Concerts! BBQs! Field Trips! Ice-Cream Socials! All very lovely, but holy crap! Bug, a child who flourishes on routine, has not had a regular bedtime for quite some time. She has been (oh, how to put it delicately?) cranky as a warthog with appendicitis.

-Did I mention the rain? I feel like the dude in "The Tell-Tale Heart", except instead of being driven mad by the sound of a beating heart, it's the patter of the rain. (Normally a pleasant sound, I agree. NOT FOR TWO NONSTOP WEEKS). Go ahead, argue with me. I will fight you.


Today, I told the kids, is Do Whatever You Want Day. Want to play Wii? Watch a movie? Run around in the rain?





Rose said...

So very smart of you! The indecision will keep them busy for hours! I know, cause that's kind of where I am, my first week of summer at home with no routine (although I do have sun not rain, sorry). I'm haphazardly wandering around trying to decide what I want to do and mostly reading blogs is what I'm doing. Hope you get a break soon.

Linda said...

I wish I could have a "do whatever you want to" day.

thedomesticfringe said...

I feel your pain. We have the promise of sunshine today, but I'm still waiting. My kids and dog are going stir crazy. I'm just going crazy.