Thursday, June 18, 2009

Churro the WonderSquirrel

Bear was innocently reading a book on the front porch glider, when suddenly...she felt something zip by her foot.
This little red squirrel was determined to scoop up every last seed that the birds had dropped from the feeder.
And he wasn't going to let the fact that we were already using the porch stand in his way. He wasn't the least bit bashful. The girls and I were enchanted by his cute little furry self. Bear decided that his name is "Churro."

Now he just needs to win over Daddy Shortbread or risk being deported via the Hav-a-Hart trap. Daddy Shortbread is notsomuch a fan of red squirrels, who in the past, have been cheeky enough to do things like move into the garage or chew the kids' vinyl pool into tiny, tiny bits.
I'm thinking Churro's days with us are definitely numbered since Daddy Shortbread just walked by while I was photo-editing this shot and said, "Huh. That looks like Satan in a red fur suit."
Maybe if we make him feel guilty enough, we can talk him into another kitten?


Jen on the Edge said...

"That looks like Satan in a red fur suit."

Given my own personal hatred of squirrels, I think Daddy Shortbread and I are kindred spirits.

Linda said...

You don't usually have that many red squirrels to deport each year, do you? Knowing how Daddy Shortbread feels about red squirrels, I'd say Churro will soon be on the other side of the river! :)

Dawn in Austin said...

What a cute squirrel! And how great that you happened to have your camera when he was sitting around. I never can get shots like that.

As far as the guilt to get a new kitten? In our family - Daddy doesn't guilt. Period.

P.S. After spending a small fortune to get the squirrels moved out of our attic...I'm thinking maybe they're not so cute anymore.

Daddy S. said...

The Devil adopteth a cute aspect to deceive the humans into relaxing their vigil. Then he cheweth a hole through thy soul. Grey squirrels are tolerable and within God's grace. Red are malevolent, sharp-toothed vermin who dineth on electrical wires, tarpaulins, furniture, and structures. They must be conveyed to distant lands to dwell amongst the Nephilim. Nevertheless, they are controlling enough of their bowels to be spared death - which is reserved for mice.